A woman director and a young boy are sitting in front of each other. She auditions dozens of boys every day. He can't afford questioning her.

Israel 2005 | 10 min | video | black & white | Hebrew / English subtitles

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Masha: Yael Peiser | The Boy: Yali Saar Tal-Shir


Director of Photography: Asi Oren | Executive Producer: Keren Zinger | Editora: Hadara Oren | Production Designers:  Itamar Jobani & Rami Maymon | Chief Lighting Technician: Avinatan Shinar | Sound Mix: Yair Nahshon, Nimrod Rinot | Screenwriter and Director: Dana Goldberg

Supported by Cinema Project – The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts

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VideoLisboa #5 / Portugal, 2005
dokumentART / Germany, 2005
Short Film Festival Izmir / Turkey, 2005
Konstanzer Short Film Festival / Germany, 2005
Dream and Trauma: Contemporary Israeli art in Berlin / Germany, 2005
Morbegno Film Festival / Italy, 2006
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen / Germany, 2007
Impakt Festival / The Netherlands, 2008